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KICK GUN – [ALL THE KICKS] | Red Bull Kick It Highlights

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The video shows highlights from the Red Bull Kick It contest in 2014, which Ingun “Kick-Gun” Yoo won. Here. Yoo shows off spectacular kicks, some of which seem to defy gravity. These include his Cheat 720 triples, his 900s and 1080s.

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Yoo’s physical prowess is very impressive, and his skills have made him something of a viral sensation among martial arts enthusiasts. His obvious self-confidence and focus on his task at hand also contribute to his success and to the excitement viewers get when watching him.

In the clips shown, Yoo is dressed very casually, and takes a bow before executing a series of quick flips and kicks in midair, his actions set to music. He doesn’t falter or make a mistake. In the board breaking round, a volunteer holds a small piece of plyboard over his head. Yoon approaches and successfully kicks the board, cutting it in both instances shown.

In another challenge, three boards are held by three individuals in a vertical row. Yoo whirls and breaks them all in three successive high kicks, all in a matter of seconds – an amazing feat that sends the crowd into cheers. The board-breaking round continues, with one board held high up and another right in front of the person’s face. Yoo manages to break both with carefully timed and precise foot strikes. He then continues with the tricking part of the contest, spinning and kicking, sometimes remaining in the air for what seems like a long time.

At the end of the video, it’s pretty clear to see why Yoo won the tournament, and that he definitely deserved it.

Red Bull Kick It is a one-on-one martial arts tricking competition that looks for the world’s best tricking athlete and high kicker. The contest has one round of tricking or trick moves, and another of board breaking. Should there be a tie between contestants, both of them undergo a “sudden death” third round.

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