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Legally Armed Firearms Trainer Shoots Man Who Corners Him

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Crazy guy in this video, starts fighting with clerk in a store. A fire-arms instructor who is (legally) openly carrying stands to the side, calmly staying out of the argument.  The insane dude leaves the store and returns – multiple times, each time escalating the situation with the clerk.  Eventually, he leaves again and the gun instructor leaves behind to go to his own car, still staying out of the fray – all he wants to do is finish his purchase.

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Insane guy cuts off instructor in the parking lot looking to fight.  Instructor backs up into the store attempting to de-escalate the situation.  In the store, instructor finally pulls out his gun but crazy dude doesn’t care.  He keeps coming at the instructor eventually backing the instructor into a corner with no exit.

Instructor finally takes shot to center-mass but crazy guy doesn’t go down right away.  Give the instructor mucho credit for exercising patience and not taking a second shot – he just pushed the crazy dude away until the pain of being shot kicked in.


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