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How NOT to rob a smoke shop in Texas

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This video uploaded by White Shadow shows the CCTV footage of a failed robbery that took place just this August. The incident happened at a smoke shop in Houston, Texas at Smoke Alley on Westheimer. Based on the description, the uploader is also the shopkeeper in the video.

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The footage shows how two suspicious men entered the store, one through the back entrance and the other through the front. The man who entered through the front aims a gun at the shopkeeper. Without missing a beat, the shopkeeper, who was chilling behind the counter, pulls out his CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical and shoots at the offender in response.

Upon hearing the gunshots, the man who entered through the back runs out of the shop in fear, breaking the glass doors on his way out. His accomplice also runs away not long after, maybe realizing that he didn’t stand a chance. Afterwards, the shopkeeper casually checks outside both entrances to see if the robbers had gone. All the while, he was taking puffs from his cigarette.

In this case, it looks like having a good self-defense weapon and knowing how to use it came in handy for the shopkeeper. The CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical pistol is a handgun intended for law and military units, but is also suitable for target shooting, hobbyists, and/or self-defense because of its high stability and steadiness even when executing quick shots. It has a double-column magazine that can hold 18 cartridges, which is a good number.

The CZ is a great combat pistol as well as a great starter gun for people who have just been introduced to the pistol. The size, shape, and reach of the CZ are designed to accommodate a wide range of shooters. It is well-built, reliable, and good looking, which makes it a great self-defense option for those who need one, whether you’re a policeman or a shopkeeper.

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