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Professional Kickboxer Vs Highly Acclaimed Street Fighter

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This video from Total Combat shows a trained kickboxer (in blue trunks) facing off against a street fighter (in black trunks) in what appears to be a friendly sparring bout outdoors. Several spectators watch the fight, and at one point, a dog joins the fray. There’s a third man serving as a referee of sorts.

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The two fighters circle each other, throwing and landing punches and jabs, even kicking. At the end of it, the kickboxer has the upper hand, as the street fighter stops to take a breather, obviously winded. He bends over, which seems to signal the end of the fight, as they soon shake hands.

Kickboxing is the term used for a group of stand-up combat sports rooted in kicking and punching. Developed from the martial arts karate, Muay Thai, Khmer boxing and Western boxing, kickboxing is performed for self-defense, general physical fitness or as a contact sport. It is historically considered a hybrid form of martial art that combines elements from various traditional styles.

American kickboxing started in the 1970s and became popular in 1974, when the first World Championships of the Professional Karate Association (PKA) took place. Since then, kickboxing has influenced the emergence of mixed martial arts, and has seen a surge from the 1990s onwards. There is no single governing organization for the sport, but there are several international governing bodies like the World Kickboxing Association and the International Kickboxing Federation.

Street fighting, on the other hand, is hand-to-hand combat in public places. It can take place either between individuals or groups. Street fights involve weapons, multiple enemies and no rules, and are generally consensual between parties. Otherwise, it’s called self-defense. However, in some schools, street fighting and self-defense are thought to be synonymous. Methods range from basic punching and kicking to more advanced techniques hybridized from traditional martial arts, or skills such as knife-handling.


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