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Robbery fail: Clerk takes armed man’s gun in funny convenience store holdups compilation

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This compilation of failed robberies from TomoNews US shows the victims fighting back to foil attempted attacks on them. In some cases, it’s just a matter or pure bad luck on the part of the assailants. All in all, this is clear evidence that crime just isn’t worth it.

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In the first clip, a shop clerk in Australia called out the masked man who had a gun to his head in an incredibly gutsy move. The clerk recognized the gun as a replica cap gun and knew it was pretty much useless, so the would-be robber has no choice but to slink out of the store.

The second shows a couple attempting to steal cigarettes from a Speedway in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but the clerk tackles the man. The woman grabs some cash and runs off, and the man eventually comes to and stumbles out. Days later, police recognize the man and he takes them to his girlfriend, where both are promptly arrested.

In another scenario, an armed gunman gets himself shot in southeast Houston after the store clerk’s son pulls out the semi-automatic pistol they kept hidden, firing at the attacker. In Fresno, California, the owner of Joyeria Marlene’s jewelry store foiled robbers when he pulled a shotgun out on them. And in Oakland Park, Florida, an auto shop owner turned a robber’s weapon on him. Andrew Hepburn managed to grab the weapon, pistol-whipping it and shooting the gunman.

In a hilarious twist of fate, two teenagers clad in ninja costumes entered the Perry Market store in Pittsburgh, waving a big machete and demanding money. To their surprise, the cashier took out his own weapon – an even bigger sword.

Another robbery attempt in Boston ends when a convenience store clerk hurls a can of chili powder at one of the robbers, temporarily blinding him and giving the clerk enough time to disarm the robbers and fight back.

The other clips show similar scenarios, with robbers using blades or bullets in an attempt to burglarize convenience shops and jewelry stores. But in every one, their victims refuse to give in and fight back in sterling examples of how swift karma works.


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