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Severe Machete Attack Beautifully Demonstrates The Five Ds Of Active Protection

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The video from Active Self Protection shows a real-life machete attack where two men are jumped by an attacker. It asks the question: do you have the attitude, skills, and plan to engage a machete attack? In cases like these, you may not have the ability to draw a gun, but practicing Active Self Protection can help you if ever you need to fight this fight, John says.

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He introduces the lesson by saying that it’s taken from a third-world country, but he’s not sure exactly where. It shows a drunk, machete-wielding man against two people, and gives insight on lessons regarding distance versus force multipliers – even when someone has a much larger force multiplier than us, if we understand range and when we need to stay and when we need to fight, we can still win a fight and cover our asses.

The video proceeds to show a man with a machete suddenly attacking and swinging at two idle men with a machete. A guy comes up behind him with a green plastic chair and uses the chair as a sort of shield against the advancing machete blows, keeping a safe distance away. He accidentally lets go of the chair, and charges low to tackle the attacker to the ground. He manages to pin the attacker down and disarm the man, and the other men rush forward to grab the weapon and subdue the attacker.

John proceeds to break down what happened, restarting the clip. He says notice how the guy is effectively blocking the machete blows by using the chair and constantly keeping his distance. When he loses his outside range, the thing to do is get inside the range. The defending man does a great job of changing his level to swoop down low, tackling the attacker around the waist, effectively keeping down from the swinging blows. It’s a move that would be familiar to those who know wrestling or jujitsu.

This is an example of excellent Active Self Protection. In situations like these, it’s important to remember the five Ds of defense: deflect, dominate, distract, disarm and disable the opponent.

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