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“Strelka” Street Fights In Bangkok On Nov 20

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The video, from Arrows Street Fight, is a promotional campaign for “Strelka” – street fights happening in Bangkok in November. Held in the city’s downtown area, the fights welcome any and all competitors across the world regardless of nationality, skill level or other factors, as long as participants are 18 years and older.

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The video is a compilation of previous Strelka fights, where opponents are seen grappling in a ring on packed earth. The fight calls for nothing but gloves or hand wraps, a jock strap and a mouth piece. All manner of fighting techniques and methods are encouraged, as long as there are no weapons involved.

There are four categories participants can sign up for: lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight and super heavyweight. The rules indicate a “free fight,” with no time limits. However, a bout can be stopped by a referee or a doctor, or when an opponent is knocked out. A fight can also end when one of the fighters surrenders at will.

In stand-up fighting, the rules accept all manner of free blows using hands, legs or knees, including wrestling techniques. In ground fighting, free blows are acceptable using hands and legs, but knee blows must be limited to the body only. Choke holds and submissions are allowed, but ground fighting can only last for 60 seconds at the most.

Strike blows to the neck and back of the head, head-butting or using the head to strike, hitting joints, backbone and groin, and overhead throws with great force are forbidden. Rude movements of hands, attempting to injure an opponent’s fingers, toes or wrists, striking from a standing position when the opponent is on the ground, gripping protective equipment applying pressure to eyes or ears, choking with fingers, or using boots to strike blows are also not allowed.

More information can be found on the Strelka website, which is shown in the video.

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