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Two Lessons In Facing Multiple Attackers

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In this video, John from Active Self Protection tells us how multiple attackers are no joke, but they’re not impossible. He proceeds to show us two video clips. In the first one, it shows something going terribly wrong against multiple attackers. And in the second one, it shows a situation wherein it goes right. He hopes that the two videos together will teach us an important lesson for if we have to deal with multiple opponents as a self-defender.

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The first video is out of UK out of Brighton showing a man running away from a group of guys who corner him and beat him up. There’s not a lot of description on the original video, so there’s not a lot of background. In the extended version, he’s hurt pretty badly.

The second video shows a little kid who fights about five attackers his size. He gives them all they can handle and then some. He comes out on top with incredible attitude in play.

Looking at the videos, John poses the question: How do you handle a five-on-one scenario?

The little guy handles it by moving. He doesn’t let them surround him. He constantly moves around and takes his attackers down one at a time. He goes with speed, surprise, intent, and violence. He’s aggressive and he does not let them get around him. John praises how the kid actively defends himself.

John doesn’t know who the good guy or the bad guy is in these videos since there is no background story on either of the videos. However, he stresses that as self-defenders, you’ve got to have a strategy in mind for multiple attackers. You’ve got to understand that running away does not help you. If you’re going to run, run to something – not from someone – to a better defensive position, to the ability to defend yourself better, not just away because your chances of getting away are slim.

Towards the end, he reminds us again of the little guy who went with aggression and purpose and took each guy in turn and didn’t give them a chance to jump on him as a group. According to him, that is the kind of strategy that, in your defensive training, will help you find the skills to go with your attitude to make a plan to cover your ass.

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