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Uber driver fights off 3 robbers

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The video from Raw Leak is raw footage from a CCTV camera showing an Uber driver fighting off three armed robbers, shooting one of them while the other two run off. The video caption says that all three were killed in the attack, though the other two bodies were not seen on camera.

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The robbers appear to already have been in the car, and one of them gets out to threaten the driver with a gun. The driver gets out, but is also armed and shoots. Two more men get out of the car, one of them not making it past the car door. A chase ensues, and the driver shoots. The two robbers disappear from the screen, but the third lies on the pavement.

According to authorities, the incident took place somewhere in the East Zone of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The Public Security Bureau released information that one of the assailants in the attempted robbery was only 15 years old, and the other 19. The other robber has not yet been identified.

Unfortunately for the robbers, the Uber driver turned out to be a military police officer. The case is under investigation by the Homicide Division of the State Department of Homicides and Protection of Persons.

The driver says that he received an Uber booking from a woman. But upon arriving at the scene, three men boarded and asked the driver to stop at a friend’s house on the way to their destination. When the driver stopped the car, the three announced the robbery. The officer responded with his weapon. None of the three robbers survived the shooting.

The case has been registered as attempted vehicle theft, offenses and attempted murder because of opposition to police intervention. Authorities did not say if they will open an internal procedure to investigate the actions of the officer involved in the incident.

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