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Unconventional Armed Robbery Defense Does the Job | Active Self Protection

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According to John at Active Self Protection, there’s a saying that goes, “If it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.” This adage applies to what happens in this video, where an unconventional method stops an armed robbery from pushing through. He adds that he’s not sure where this video came from, so viewers can leave information regarding its source in the comments section.

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Against a knife-wielding attacker, the thing a person should do first is to control the distance. This video teaches some lessons about surviving a robbery against a knife-wielding perpetrator. The CCTV footage present shows a seemingly ordinary day, with a customer in a red baseball cap bringing some items to the counter.

The man in the hat suddenly pulls a knife out of his pocket and gestures at the man ringing up sales to open the cash drawer. As soon as the robber pulled the knife, the clerk immediately steps back to the far wall ad stays there as the robber makes threatening gestures. People continue to come and go, and the clerk then reaches to type into the point of sale system, presumably to open the till – a process that took a really long time, as the POS would not open (or the clerk was stalling).

In the meantime, another customer grabs his bottle of soda off the counter and leaves quickly. It’s unclear if he is aware that a robbery is happening. The till takes so long to open that a second clerk comes up from behind the robber with a dolly, surprising him into running out the door.

John points out that the clerk kept his head. First, he gave the robber a wide berth in backing up – the counter can be an advantage against a knife-wielding attacker, but not with an armed man. Then the clerk kept his distance and the same goes for the second clerk, who used a dolly both as a means to literally push the robber away and to keep himself distanced.

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