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The Worst Martial Arts Instructors (Part 1)

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With the rise in popularity of martial arts in the West, due to the success of movies featuring stars such as Bruce Lee, numerous martial arts schools suddenly sprung up across the country. Martial arts have become the preferred form of self-defense and combat, with schools and universities offering classes.

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The problem is that this also gave rise to the proliferation of would-be “masters” in various forms of martial arts. These knock-off “McDojos,” as they are colloquially known, are fraudulent classes that more often than not, teach no useful skills and simply exist to provide students with the perception that they are gaining something new with “belts” being rewarded.

This video series shows just how ridiculous some of these “martial arts masters” and “schools” have become, and how insulting they can be to the real thing.

A teacher of Brazilian Jujitsu loses control, as the student was resisting too much and he just wanted to show the move flawlessly. He keeps telling the student to relax and says “he’s having a bad day,” so when the student continues to resist, he attacks the student and a brawl ensues.

In another Jujitsu class, the teacher brings his leg over a student’s back to demonstrate a technique, but he nearly kills the student as the student is rendered unconscious and starts to snore.

The “Black Dragon Kung Fu,” taught by a Roma who lives in Greece, named John Alexiou, shows him spastically attacking a student while cawing loudly, making random stomping and punching motions.

A supposed Muay Thai instructor makes a long speech about his undisputed skills and the years of training he has accomplished, then attempts to demonstrate his skills. He kicks a horizontal pole in an attempt to break it and cries out in pain as he runs at it and kicks it thrice, to no avail but his embarrassment.

A man who claims to have a new system of martial arts called Jiiu Box Fu wants to test it in an arena. He gets his butt kicked in the first round as he merely flails about while his opponent simply holds him aloft.

Master Jukka Lampila does an “empty force” demonstration, where he claims it can be used to control an attacker without touching him. A volunteer with no martial arts experience wants to challenge him, but he refuses, saying “I don’t want to.”

In Japan, a Kiai master performs a demonstration for a Japanese show, accepting a challenge from an MMA fighter. He gets beaten up within five seconds.

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