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The Worst Martial Arts Instructors (Part 4)

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In this continuing series of videos, it is evident there are more inept and fraudulent “martial arts masters” than ever. These videos seek to showcase just how ridiculous these “McDojos,” which is colloquial for fake martial arts schools.

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Since the ascension of martial arts movies in the 1970s, largely due to Bruce lee’s popularity, so-called schools have popped up in the West, offering all kinds of techniques that not only rob people of their money and teach nothing of value, but are discrediting the actual martial arts discipline and are disrespecting the true masters and students who practice them.

In this video:

A boy with a crucifix and dressed in the garb of a priest says, “With the power of Christ, I knock you out.” It involves pouring some sort of holy water on an opponent, like an exorcism. The boy then demonstrates his technique by thrusting his crucifix towards “opponents,” who simply fall backwards in awe. This is most probably a prank of some sort.

The second clip shows a grown man also wielding a crucifix, which he points at “attackers,” who are then stopped in their tracks by some invisible force field, then back away and fall down.

A questionable Russian martial art sees some people slapping and flailing at each other, while another one runs around a wall. It also shows them hitting boxer’s sparring bags in some sort of eight-step dance.

Again, the no-touch techniques make an appearance as a “martial art.” A video demonstrates this technique supposedly being used on a group of thugs by an elderly gentleman. It also shows a bunch of men in fatigues, supposedly striking down their opponents just by acting like Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies.

In another bizarre clip, two men labeled as “hearing scout” and “smelling scout” show a piece of paper with faux-Japanese characters on them, then run off into the woods.

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