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The Worst Martial Arts Instructors (Part 5)

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Numerous martial arts schools have popped up across the West as the sudden popularity of Kung Fu and martial arts movies in the ‘70s suddenly led to an increase in the number of people wanting to learn martial arts for self-defense and combat purposes.

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While there are many legitimate, certified martial arts masters and schools, there are a large number of “McDojos” around – these are self-proclaimed “masters” who hold “classes” that in essence, teach nothing and are generally just out to defraud people of their money.

This video series proves just how absurd some of these so-called “masters” and “martial art” techniques can be.

In This Video:

A man says his martial art is influenced by the Hebrew letters of the alphabet. He then proceeds to do a bizarre series of poses, which include crossing his hands over his chest, and is shown to be teaching his students the basics in Jerusalem. The movements seem to change on the instructor’s whim and his students are shown performing some kind of dance at one point.

“Power to overpower” is the slogan of the next clip, which says it teaches effective self-defense techniques. This includes kneeing a guy in the stomach, using a stun gun, slapping a guy with a backhand and using a scarf.

Dr. AK Prakasan Gurukkal is an enlightened master in the field of martial art called Marma and Massage Therapy. Some of the techniques include blowing at an attacker’s face until he backs away.

A demonstration on Telekinetic Psychic Power, yet another no-touch “martial art” technique, uses “reverse his energy by becoming his energy and changing the energy.” Other “effective no touch techniques” have students and attackers rolling around and falling down, supposedly after an unseen force pushes them back.

In an armbar demonstration, the student quite simply takes down the teacher. The last clip shows some guys with boxing gloves on spastically jumping around while they attempt to attack each other.

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