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The Worst martial Arts Instructors (Part 6)

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Bruce Lee started a trend when his Kung Fu movies gained popular traction in the 1970’s. Now, there are more martial arts schools in the West than there are expert practitioners, as evidenced by these videos that show “McDojos,” or fake “martial arts” schools that attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate trainers.

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These kinds of “schools” are dangerous, as not only do they teach nothing that will help in real-life situations and are defrauding people of their money, they might even get their students killed. Martial arts expertise take years to accomplish, and cannot be bought by mail-order black belts. They should be learned from certified masters who have really trained and have had years of practice, not fly-by-night people with delusions of grandeur.

Ashida Kim from the previous videos is back, here to demonstrate how he is faster than a bullet. Wearing a black mask, he stands in front of a target and dodges “bullets” coming his way in the slowest motions possible.

A Krav Maga instructor demonstrates how to end a rape attempt. In it, a woman reading in bed is “attacked,” and as per his instruction, kicks her legs out to “disarm” and “harm” him, then runs out of the bedroom screaming.

The next clip shows an aikido instructor teaching gun disarm techniques, which is essentially him grabbing the guns from his would-be assailants, who then immediately fly off from the “force.”

Master Leung demonstrates his “chi energy techniques,” which is another one of those “no-touch” techniques. Aides promptly fall over as he demonstrates his “power,” as well as some sort of exorcism rituals that end with people lying on the ground, shaking and quivering.

A supposed Russian military secret weapon involves another one of those no-touch methods where an old instructor extends his arms and this is enough to send his attackers flying back.


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