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The Worst Martial Arts Instructors (Part 7)

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When Kung Fu movies became highly popular in the 1970’s and Bruce Lee became an icon of martial arts, there was a sudden influx of martial arts techniques coming into the West. This brought out a whole new generation of people wanting to learn martial arts for fighting and self-defense purposes.

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The problem with this is that there has been an equally large turnout of “McDojos,” or fake “martial arts” schools run by people masquerading as “masters” of their own methods, some of which don’t even exist or have no proven basis. Some of these McDojos even sell black belts, which is a sign that a student has achieved something, and deliberately mislead people into thinking they are learning something, when in fact, they are not. Most of these techniques “taught” are useless in real life and would do more harm than good, meaning they are a waste of time and money.

The real martial art schools are those certified or accredited, run by people who have had practice in the art and who have trained for years. Martial arts is not something learned in a week or two, but is a lifetime of discipline and unifying tenets of philosophy and psychology with maneuvers. In addition, these McDojos discredit those who are actually trying to teach true martial arts and cheapen the disciplines they say they are based on.

This series of videos show just how absurd and ridiculous some of these McDojos can be, teaching things like the “no-force” technique where a supposed unseen energy force can propel attackers backwards, just by stretching out their hands and posturing. Some also attempt to show how “chi” works in self-defense, which is utter nonsense and an insult to Asian philosophies and cultures.

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