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10 Awesome Specific Skills Learned by Special Forces Units

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Training conducted by armed forces and special units around the world differ greatly, with some using unique methods to harden their soldiers. Here are some of the more uncommon skills special forces around the world employ:

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Tactical skiing and sniping bad guys with a revolver by the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) in France — GIGN operatives are mostly free to choose what kind of guns and equipment they want for a mission. Their frequent choice is a French-made revolver which can be customised with a sniper scope and a bipod. These operatives are highly trained in tactical skiing.

Knife fighting on ice by the South Korean Special Forces — South Korean Special Forces take training to another level by teaching their soldiers to fight using a knife, while on ice. They train in sub-zero temperatures without thermal protection, often naked, to condition their bodies against pain.

Tactical Savage style — Elbow Drops by the South Korean Special Forces — another South Korean special, this is an official martial art based on Taekwondo that the Special Forces use. It was developed as a means of fighting back against North Korean troops and blends together several elements from various martial arts. Experts in this style are able to snap a human’s neck using any part of their body.

Firing and reloading a gun with one hand by the Korean National Police — the Korean National Police are trained to use small arms such as pistols and even submachine guns one-handed. This is important in cases of injury or when pulling someone to safety.

Punching bricks in half by the Chinese Army — soldiers in China were required to smash bricks with their fists as part of their military training, apparently for no good reason. This practice was abolished in 2014 in an effort to modernize their troops.

Tactical backflips by the SPETSNAZ — training for the elite SPETSNAZ is infamously brutal, making soldiers practically immune to pain, fear and fire. Part of their training teaches how to throw hatchets while doing back flips — an effective way to surprise enemies and throw them off guard.

Shooting with two revolvers by SMERSH — SMERSH was a Soviet Organisation in World War II that tracked down and killed spies. Smersh agents were trained to fire multiple bullets at once, using two pistols.

Rope combos by the Japanese Riot Police – the Japanese Riot Police, specifically those in Tokyo, are some of the best trained law enforcement units in the world. Part of their training requires them to learn how to restrain suspects with just one piece of rope.

Using cars as weapons by Delta Force — Delta Force operatives are taught how to beat up people using cars. They are also trained in high-speed driving and controlling their vehicles under fire.

Strangling people with piano wire by the Military Unit GROM — Named in honor of the Silent Unseen of the Home Army (JW-GROM) — Poland’s elite fighting force is known as its counter-terrorism unit. GROM soldiers are trained in capturing and killing suspects using a wide variety of methods, including piano wire.

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