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Brazilian Special Forces | 2016 | Forças Especiais

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The video from Moura Graphics features Brazilian Counter Terrorism Units in action. Soldiers are seen practicing anti-terrorism maneuvers and drills at a training site. In a real-life scenario, helicopters land and deploy units to a train station, where they respond to a threat and arrest the perpetrators. Other events include answering real-life national threats. The soldiers are also shown in action at night, in the air and in the water.

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The Comando de Operações Táticas (Portuguese for “Command of Tactical Operations”) is a specialized counter-terrorism force under the federal government. Mostly known by its acronym, COT, the unit was created by the Ministry of Justice after Brazilian parliament recommended the need for one, and was placed in service in 1987.

The unit is composed of federal agents of the Brazilian Federal Police Department who undergo tactical training for 14 weeks in the United States, France and Germany. Among the COT’s duties are to counter airplane hijacking, disarm bomb threats, counter terrorist attacks, protect government VIPs, combat drug smuggling and maintain border control.

The COT has participated in high-risk missions, rural conflicts, taking down criminal organizations and drug busts. The unit is also commonly used to escort dangerous criminals.

The Federal Police of Brazil or Policia Federal in Portuguese, is one of the country’s three federal police forces, completely separate from the Federal Highway Police and the Federal Railroad/Railway Police. The department is responsible for crimes against the government and other institutions, international drug trafficking, organized crime, cyber-crime, terrorism, white-collar crime, public corruption, immigration, money laundering, airport security, border control and maritime security. The Federal Police answers to the Ministry of Justice.

The department covers all national territory and is headed by the Director-General. There are 27 region superintendents, 95 Federal Police offices, 12 border outposts, 12 maritime bases and 2 bases on inland waterways in Brazil.


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