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Colombian Special Forces Helmet Cam Jungle Combat Footage From Capture Of Wanted Narco Gang Leader

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Colombian Jungle Commandos released footage of them capturing the wanted Úsuga Narco leader Édgar Gutierrez Arenas, also known as “Thomas” during a jungle raid after an intense firefight with his followers. The video shows heavy firing by helmet-clad soldiers, who eventually surround and take the narco leader.

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In carrying out this operation, the elite Colombian unit captured one of the top 20 most wanted men in Colombia after a tip-off as to his location. The raid and firefight took place in Chocó, Colombia. Guttierrez Arenas is the leader of the Usuga Clan, one of Colombia’s largest narco and paramilitary groups. Édgar Gutierrez Arenas had a 115 million pesos ($40,000 USD) reward on his head.

This successful capture is another win for the Colombian government, as the country has faced a troubled history of drugs and violence due to the many crime rings operating in it. Between 1993 and 1999 alone, Colombia was known as the main producer of cocaine and a major exporter of heroin. The illegal drug trade is widely controlled by the cartels, and Colombia has had four major cartels that have not only affected national security, bit have also played a big role in Colombian culture and politics, as well as international relations.

The Colombian jungle is a place where clashes and firefights between Colombian Special Forces and Narco terrorists often take place and such jungle raids are typically held by the Colombian Jungle Commandos, where assaulting Narco gangs to bring them in is common.

The Colombian government’s efforts to take down drug organizations has led to the ongoing Colombian Conflict, where not only are the cartels fighting the government forces but are also fighting among themselves and other guerilla groups for influence and control. The US and European countries have provided military and financial aid towards the War on Drugs, in an effort to help Colombia reduce drug production and trafficking.

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