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Hard Corps Jobs | HRST Master

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The video, narrated by Ms. Hall of the US Marines, talks about what it takes t become a Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques master, or HRST. HRST masters are experts on fast roping and all other rappelling techniques. They can get you in and out of any situation.

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Among special forces units, the HRST Masters Course teaches soldiers how to rig various aircraft, including  CH-46E Sea KnightsCH-53 Sea Stallions, UH-60, MV-22 Osprey and UH-1Y Twin Hueys, using knots and rigging systems. There are six in all. Upon mastery of these, soldiers are put to the test on towers to complete the course, and are also given a written exam to complete.

She says when the Marine Corps execute a special mission that requires rappelling or fast roping, they have one chance to get it right. First masters give the Marines the skills they need to accomplish the mission. Soldiers are shown rappelling off a moving helicopter to land in a field, and moving down a rope from a tall building.

Hall goes on to say that this makes the HRST master an important part of ground forces. Sergeant Alejandro Yurobari from First Radio Battalion, a HRST master. He says his job is to specialize in rope suspension techniques, and he’s basically the safety for the Marines going down on the rope. The way it works is that when they do rappelling or fast-roping, he says, it’s a quick-reaction or quick on-target technique that they use to get the Marines on the mission and going.

Hall says the training provides Marines with the skills to extract or insert from areas that are normally inaccessible by regular means, which makes it a useful tool for Marine airborne task forces. Now, she says, we know what a HRST master does and how they contribute to the overall mission of the first Marine expeditionary force.


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