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NEW USA Military Technology threats to Russia & China Navy (2016)

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The video, from the Military Channel, features the Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), a new kind of technology from the USA that can be used to threaten Russia and China. A destroyer equipped with the new LRASM is shown, and Blue Force Deployment takes place. An aircraft with an LRASM loadout is shown taking off from the carrier.

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There is a quick simulation in CG animation-style of how the missile system works. A Hostile Surface Action Group (SAG) is shown as the target, then the camera zooms up to space where a satellite transmits the Hostile SAG location. An LRASM is launched from a ship against an SAG cruiser as soon as the information is processed. The missile leaves the ship and its line-of-sight weapons datalink is established so that it goes directly to its target.

Meanwhile, the F/A-18E carrying the LRASM loadout launches its missiles against the SAG destroyer from high up. It launches one first, which enters a communications and GPS-defined environment as it drops, and planned routing takes place. It can also be controlled via autonomous routing should the planned route fail, finding new ways to reach the target. the guided missile has organic area of uncertainty (AOU) reduction to allow it to descend to terminal altitude more accurately, and enhanced survivability techniques to make it more efficient at hitting a target, even when it is fired upon. There are three missiles heading for the Hostile group, and they all hit right on target, sending the ships up in a blast of fire and smoke.

A series of clips are shown where a machine gun on board a ship fires rapidly and steadily at targets in the sky, though the intended targets remain unseen. The gun also aims at the water, where what appears to be a boat of some sort is bobbing up and down in the waves, firing in succession.

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