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Norwegian Army Documentary – Special Forces Girls for Norway [Jenter for Norge] 1/2

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This video is the first installment of a two-part documentary about the training of the female counterparts of the Norwegian Special Forces. This female special forces unit is a new department of the Armed Forces Special Operations Command. The documentary narrator speaks in Norwegian, but English closed captions may be turned on. According to the uploader, JohnSmithTheSecond, the video is for educational purposes and should not be used for profit in any way.

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The documentary shows how sixty (60) women undergo the selection training for Norway’s only special forces unit for women, but their identities are kept secret for their protection. Elite soldiers from Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK) train the all-female troop to complete a parachutist course, survive in various environments, handle deadly weapons, and, ultimately, kill, in order to become “jegerer” or special forces. The training happens in Camp Rena, where the women enter areas previously reserved for men. The FSK provides the women with resources other departments only dream of.

Competition is fierce and only a handful are able to pass the grueling course, 14 out of 60 to be exact. However, training for the 14 who came through is not yet over. These female special troops should be able to operate in countries where male soldiers find it harder to get through to the female population. They must be resourceful enough to get out of dangerous situations and kill if they must. They should also learn to cope with uncertainty and loneliness. They must also learn to slaughter animals for their meals. Because of the time they spend together and the experiences they share, the women have formed an inexplicable bond.

They have been in the squad for quite some time, but are still undergoing physical and mental exertions. Nobody knows how long the survival course lasts. One of their courses is called Operation Hjortefot, a graduation exercise where they will be evaluated to see if they may continue to the interstate.

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