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Polish Army In Action During Intense Combat Firefight Assault Training Live Fire NATO Exercise

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This video by War Leaks – Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage shows Polish forces in action during intense NATO combat training. The intense training includes live fire exercises of the infantry as well as armored vehicles in action.

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Amid growing efforts to reassure Eastern European nations shaken because of Russia’s sudden, aggressive actions in Ukraine, more than 20 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and partner countries began large-scale military training exercise in Poland to prepare for any upcoming conflicts that may arise.

Poland joined NATO in 1999, a decade after the demise of Moscow-backed communism in Eastern Europe. Warsaw has been very critical of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and has repeatedly urged NATO to boost its presence in Polish territory. Therefore, this move is likely to put further strain on the tense relations between the Kremlin and the West.

The 10-day, Anakonda-16 exercises began in June. In total, the activities involved 30,000 troops, backed by large numbers of vehicles, aircraft, and ships. The exercises include maneuvers such as night-time helicopter assault. They also had troops parachute into a training area of Torun City with the objective to secure a bridge over the Vistula River.

The United States, NATO’s largest foreign contingent, provided about 14,000 troops for the exercise. Non-NATO countries such as Sweden and Finland also took part in the exercise. According to the Polish military command, international observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as Russian spectators, have been invited for transparency.

The goal of the Anakonda-16 is to train, exercise, and integrate the Polish national command and establish allied multinational structures. According to US Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Mark Milley, the operation demonstrates that the US stands together with the Polish people and their army, as well as NATO, to ensure that all the countries of NATO remain free and independent.

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