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Russian And Chinese Marines Invade A Tropical Island During Massive Amphibious Assault Beach Landing

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This video by WarLeaks – Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage shows footage of Russian and Chinese Marines invading a small tropical island during a massive joint amphibious assault beach landing exercise.

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The Russian Marines, or more commonly known as the Russian Naval Infantry, is an arm of the Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy. The Russian Marines are specially trained for combat operations, as well as for defending naval bases and coastal facilities.

Russian Marines in amphibious operations can operate on their own for capturing stationing sites of an enemy’s ports and islands. The armaments of the marines include: waterborne combat equipment, portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, and automatic small arms.

The Russian Marines’ formations and subunits often land on the beach from amphibious ships and boats, as well as from shipborne and shore-based helicopters with fire support. In some cases, the marines can surmount water spaces on their own using amphibian vehicles.

The Chinese Marines, officially called the People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps (PLAMC), is the naval corps under the People’s Liberation Army Navy. The PLAMC currently consists of two 6,000-man brigades. These two brigades are the 1st Marine Brigade and 164th Marine Brigade, both based in Zhanjiang.

The 12,000 marines are all stationed in the South China Sea. These two brigades possess combined arms units, including armor, air defense, artillery, missiles and logistics. The marines are considered elite troops and perform two principal missions: serving as the fighting spearhead of any amphibious operation and acting as a garrison or assault group in island chains.

Each brigade of the PLAMC has an armored regiment, two Marines Bns, one Howitzer Bns, a Missile Battalion, a Mixed Engineer and Chemical Battalion, a Communications and Guard Battalion and a Field Maintenance Battalion. The armored regiment is equipped with one Tank Bns, an Armoured Rifle w/Type 05 Amphibious Assault Vehicles and a Type 05 Amphibious Infantry Fight Vehicle.

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