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Soldiers stuck in mud

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This video by bolbo is short but entertaining. It shows some soldiers on a motorized assault boat nearing the shore for an application action. When they reach the muddy shore, they prepare to jump. At this point, Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping starts playing in the background. As soon as their feet touch the ground, they fall forward and can’t seem to get up, to the amusement of the squaddie taking the video. They have trouble getting out of the mud, but with the help of their comrades, they all do in the end.

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The soldiers in the video are actually from the 40 Regiment Royal Artillery. Unfortunately for them, they chose the worst spot possible to jump off. They missed the fact that just behind the firm sand where the boat hit the beach, there was a pool of liquid mud. It is, as can be seen in the video, very difficult to wade through that kind of mud because the more you move, the more you sink.

To make matters worse, this happened not at a remote training location, but in the Iraqi town of Um Qasr shortly after hostilities ended in 2003. It was bad enough that they were stuck in the mud, but to further exacerbate the situation, some of them inflated their life vests by accident. After some helpless flailing and failed attempts to crawl out of the mud, their mates came to their rescue. Imagine how much cleaning up they had to do when they got back to base.

The video was first uploaded in 2003 and has been watched by millions of YouTube viewers. The Chumbawumba song definitely makes it even funnier to watch. Various similar videos have been posted since.

As for the 40th Regiment Royal Artillery, it has been disbanded. In July 2011, the regiment that had fought in famous battles in the Falklands, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afganistan, ceased to exist.

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