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South Korea UDT SEALs || “First There, Last Out”

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The video from Moura Graphics showcases the South Korean UDT/SEAL, more formally known as the Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla.

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In it, soldiers – both male and female – can be seen training in unison, obviously highly disciplined. Drills on the open ocean involve soldiers jumping out of helicopters onto a carrier, and there are some anti-terrorism exercises among buildings. There are clips of skills training such as jumping from aircraft, firing while aboard a ship, piloting a raft, combat on a beach, carrying out operations while in the water, and more hand-to-hand fighting techniques.

This special warfare unit of the Republic of Korea Navy is the most publicly known branch of the UDT/SEALs. Each team is composed of seven soldiers, a point man, a platoon leader, a communication expert, a grenadier, a machine gunner, an assistant leader and a rear security man.

The unit was heavily influenced by the United States Navy SEALs, which provided the initial funding and expertise needed to create it. The two still maintain strong military ties by regularly conducting joint cross training sessions. South Korean soldiers are regularly sent to the US Naval Special Warfare programs, and American aircraft and submarine resources are used by the UDT/SEAL units.

The UDT was officially created in 1954, when the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps placed a spy unit in Korea. In 1955, the unit was renamed the Underwater Demolitions Unit and was primarily responsible for infiltrating North Korea, destroying important structures, kidnapping or assassinating key officials, wiretapping communications, reconnaissance, and attacking enemy targets. From 1948 until 1971, over 300 UDU personnel died in 200 missions into North Korea alone.

Until the 1980s, the unit conducted reconnaissance missions in North Korea. In 1993, a special division was formed, named the Special Missions Squadron, to respond to maritime terrorist attacks. In the late 1990s, the unit’s main goal was to defend the coast from invading submarines. More recent responsibilities include anti-piracy defenses and operations.


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