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Special Forces

Spetsnaz Vityaz — Hand to Hand Combat Training

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Spetsnaz Vityaz — Along with the security special forces Spetsnaz troops, there is also the well known Spetsnaz Vityaz, the special operations group in the MVD’s extraordinary Dzerzhinsky division. It was formed on the eve of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, when the Soviet powers dreaded the possibility of “terrorists sent by the CIA.” In keeping with Alpha and Vympel, this unit was staffed by officers who served for a specific period, who were highly trained in close hand-to-hand battle and showed amazing mental stamina. In October 1993, legislation appoved them as a part of military operations at the Ostankino TV tower. The Vityaz group physically obliterated essentially all the resistance supporters who attempted to break into Ostankino.

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