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Taking the fight to ISIS: American mercenaries training to fight terrorists abroad

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Extreme Muslim terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) has been sowing terror worldwide in recent years, slowly infiltrating countries all over the world and widening their network of influence, especially among the youth. The highly-publicized attacks on Paris and Belgium, among others, were part of the ISIS agenda to target world powers.

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While the US Armed Forces, along with Russia, Great Britain and other allies, have been focused on the larger, looming ISIS threats in countries like Syria, Iran and Libya, ISIS has also been making their presence known in smaller Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia. ISIS members bank on their terrorist brothers to continue their reign of violence – something that Western armies are not likely to pay attention to quite yet.

Private security armies are, though. Recent interviews have shown mercenaries training and learning to work as a team with an end goal in mind: go to the countries where an ISIS presence has been confirmed and wipe out these terrorists. According to these mercenaries, the US army might not be able to go to all the ISIS-held areas, so they’ll be taking up the slack.

A small group of mercenaries are prepared to go to the Philippines, where Muslim insurgents in the island of Mindanao who have long been plaguing the area with bombs, killings and kidnappings have now sworn their allegiance to ISIS and are determined to carry out the Islamic State’s agenda in the country.

These private armies from the US have formed a group ready to enter the Philippines and take down the ISIS sympathizers. According to one of the mercenaries, since the US “has no interest in these countries,” they are more than willing to do the job. The mercenaries mentioned that they are being paid, but made no mention of who was funding their mission.

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