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Urban warfare: China city combat drills in full swing

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In the wake of reports regarding China’s military undergoing massive modernization to strengthen its power and force, this video shows China’s Armed Force Command Academy carrying out a 12-day military training program for this year’s fresh graduates to test their combat readiness. The young soldiers are being shown marching and shooting – all of which confirm fears that China might be gearing up for a huge showdown against Western forces.

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Various international news reports have stated that the world’s most-populated country has been growing swiftly, expanding not only in armaments, technology and vehicles, but in manpower as well, causing current world powers to begin defensive programs of their own. China’s military has said that it is now ready to take on Japan in a modern war, as long as the USA does not intervene.

Critics of China however, remain sceptical of its actual military prowess, dismissing its show of strength as exactly that: a show. While the People’s Liberation Army has indeed made impressive advances in its military, it still faces plenty of challenges and most of what has been leaking out to its enemies is a hyped-up version of its army’s actual capabilities, sources have said.

China remains confident of its military power, despite naysayers. While the Chinese government has admitted to being inferior to the United States’ military technology, it seems to think that its own inadequacies are temporary, and may even be an advantage. The country’s leaders insist that their actions are “defensive” and will only act should China be attacked by any other country, while continuing to announce and demonstrate hostile acts in the Asia-Pacific region.

Lists detailing China’s recent acquisitions in firearms, aircraft, armored land vehicles and other equipment clearly intended for war are available online, and the rest of the world is now just watching and waiting for China’s next real military move…

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