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US Military Abrams Tanks DRIFTING on ICE & SNOW in Norway

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In this video, the Norwegian Telemark Battalion instructs US Marine M1A1 tankers from the Combined Arms Company on techniques regarding driving tracked vehicles in winter conditions on an ice track in Rena, Norway, in the weeks leading up to exercise Cold Response 16. At the end of February, the two nations conducted bilateral training to improve US Marine Corps capability to operate in cold-weather environments.

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The M1A1 or M1 Abrams tankers are third-generation main battle tanks, named after Creighton Abrams, former commander of the US military forces and former Army chief of staff during the Vietnam War. These tanks were built to be highly mobile, heavily armored and with lots of firepower. It uses a multifuel turbine engine, has composite armor and has a separate storage for ammunition for the crew’s safety. Weighing almost 62 metric tons, these are some of the heaviest battle tanks in service.

The M1 tanks replaced the M60 tanks as the primary battle tank of the US Army and Marine Corps, and are also used by the armies of Australia, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The M1A1s were first used in the Gulf War in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, where they proved highly efficient. An M1A1 can make kills at ranges over 2,500 meters and can withstand direct armor-piercing attacks, and are difficult to destroy. The M1A1 tanks have since been upgraded and newer models such as the M1A2 and the developing M1A3 have been added to their ranks.

Cold Response was a Norwegian invitational for military exercises that included some 15,000 troops from 13 NATO partner countries. Some of the participating countries were France, Canada and non-NATO Sweden. The US contributed tanks, mobile artillery and special operations units to the exercises, such as the M1A1 tankers. Cold Response was designed to highlight partnerships and enhance crisis response abilities, in light of the recent conflicts that have erupted worldwide.


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