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US Military In Intense Urban Combat Training In France

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The video shows US Marines with the Bravo and Charlie companies with special purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response-Africa participating in exercises hosted by the French Army’s Center for Urban Combat Training at Camp Sissonne, France.

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The Sissonne camp is a French military camp in the Aisne. Created in 1895, the camp covers an area of 6,028 hectares. The Marines are shown participating in a non-combatant evacuation operation alongside French soldiers, combining their skills and resources to come up with an effective battle plan, simulating something that may happen in the future.

The video shows an aircraft landing in a field, where a team gets onboard. The aircraft deploys the soldiers in yet another field, where several tanks are shown rolling past. The soldiers walk across thefield towards some abandoned buildings, and begin simulating an offense mission. At one point, a German Shepherd dog is used by the soldiers to enter the building and sniff out the enemy, and the dog is shown over a man’s prostate body, role-playing a dead man.

Soldiers outside are seen wielding grenade launchers, and more teams enter the buildings, surrounding it from all sides. The soldiers swarm the inside of the buildings, checking for people. In another setting, which looks like a small town, soldiers are also deployed inside the buildings, following instructions. Smoke, fire and grenades are seen on the streets, and soldiers launch missiles and shoot from within the buildings in a simulated combat situation.

In a nearby setting, which consists of houses in a suburban residential-type area, soldiers are also carrying out drills with grenades, and another team with a dog is shown moving towards a basement and across open roads. Several civilians are gotten out of one of the buildings, and an aircraft comes back to pick the soldiers up as the drill comes to a close.

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