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Vietnamese police team climb a building with a long pole

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The video looks like something straight out of an action movie, but this clip had no CGI or did not require special effects. All it took for the Vietnam police to pull off this feat were incredible balance and plenty of confidence to carry out applied physics, as officers scale a building using nothing but a long bamboo pole held up by their colleagues.

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The police team is shown on the ground, conducting practice drills at the perimeter of what looks like an office building. Three officers carrying a long bamboo pole get into position as other armed officers cover them from the front and rear. The situation being carried out is a hostage rescue operation.

Then in moves that would rival the comic-book Spider-man, the officer carrying the pole in front suddenly scales the building by walking up its side. The remaining policemen continue to support the other end of the pole on the ground. The climbing officer reaches the third floor in a dozen steps or so, and simply climbs up and over the concrete rail.

In case anyone thinks this is a skill that only that one officer could do, a second policeman grabs holds of the bamboo pole and proceeds to run up the side of the building, also landing on the third floor. A third officer follows, scouting the top floor while those on the ground cover them using rifles.

There are no harnesses, no pulleys, no safety equipment whatsoever. The policemen are wearing their regular uniforms and caps, and even have their rifles with them when they climbed. The technique is ingenious, as it actually allows for quick and silent access to areas, without having to use expensive equipment. Ideally, if hostage takers were inside a low-rise building such as this, they wouldn’t even notice that police officers had breached the walls until it was too late.


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