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EZ Stitch Awl and Tools for Self Reliance

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The video start with an introduction saying that there are always things to take care of at home. There’s something to be said for the most basic kinds of tools, as they are hardy, solid and get the job done. He said he came up with some tools where electricity might not be an option, so these are some old-school tools that are nonetheless going to come in very handy in any situation – either for basic repairs, chores, or even self-defense, and are ideal for survival situations.

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The first was an axe, with a wooden handle, hand-forged and very traditional. The axe head has no maker’s mark, but it is forge-welded, no idea who made it and when but it is razor sharp and is an excellent weapon as well as a tool. He then proceeds to make a sheath for the axe using a piece of leather and some basic tools like an awl, a mallet, a clamp and a wooden block.

He shows the awl, which he says is one of his best finds. It has a spool with needles internally fitted in the awl. The needle can unscrew the spool for reloading. The awl has a chucking device so that the awl can easily be threaded. He then screws the needle onto the awl, explaining how the spool and the needle work. He proceeds to use the awl to stitch the sheath he’s making for the axe, demonstrating how to hand-stitch closed-loop stitches using the awl.

When he’s finished, the end result is a sheath that, while he points out is not a beauty, is functional. He says it is important to learn basic skills like trapping, hunting, curing hide, woodworking, blacksmithing and using these more primitive kinds of tools because you never know when you might need these in a future that is uncertain.

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