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Survival Kit Meets Navy SEAL Specs: Suma Professional Personal Survival Kit

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The Navy Seal – Seal Team 6 – Survival Kit (SUMA Pro/SUMA PSK) from Precision Rifle Supply is a kit that meets the specifications of a Navy SEAL survival kit, making it one of the best, most complete kits ever made. However, a few things have not been included due to shipping restrictions, such the handcuff key, ceramic razor blade and lock picking tools. These can be bought separately and will fit neatly into the kit.

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The video shows off the kit, giving viewers a look at the items inside and how they can be used, as well as links to reviews of the kit. The large kit is shown, but it also comes in a smaller size. Overall, the kit looks good and is a good investment.

This personal survival kit was derived from the military kits being used, and is perfect for outdoors men, hunters, adventurers, mountain climbers, anyone who thinks they’ll be in a situation that might require its use. Designed for minimal travel, this kit is ultra-lightweight, made out of billet 6061 aluminum.

The SUMA Pro/SUMA PSK kit is a tin covered by a nylon pouch. The tin is anodized, making it ideal for digging but also for boiling water or cooking small amounts of food. The large kit has the following: Emergency Blanket, Emergency Fishing Kit, Emergency Sewing Kit, Duct Tape, P-38 Can Opener, Kevlar Line, IDL Mini Multi Tool, Steel Wire, Thread/Line, 14 lb. test, Cotton Pad, Antibiotic Ointment Packet, Personal Medicine Vial, Emergency Signaling Mirror, Photon II LED Micro Light, Emergency Whistle, Pencil with eraser, Fresnel Lens Magnifier, 5 Sheets Rite in the Rain Paper, Emergency Matches, 4 Fire Tinder Tabs, 2 Fire Tinder Cubes (FastFire), Sparking Flint Rod, 6 Water Purification Tablets, Waterproof Bag – 9″ x 6″, Type III Nylon Cord, Folding Razor Blade, 18mm Baseplate Compass, 2 additional Fire Tinder Cubes (FastFire), 2 additional Water Purification Tablets, Additional Waterproof Bag – 9″ x 10.”

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