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Top 5 EDC Combos

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The guys at Iraqveteran8888, Eric and Marshall from Going Gear, present the top 5 EDC combos – something they think will be a very interesting topic.

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First they have the Ruger LCP, a nice concealed carry gun that retails for as low as $199 and is very handy, especially for those who don’t prefer heavy guns. A good flashlight to go with it is the Olight, a tiny flashlight that’s very popular for its size and functionality—it puts out 500 lumens on maximum and half lumen on minimum, and needs just one battery. The flashlight gives an even beam with a halo effect, and its weight is negligent. The knife with it is the CRKT Squid, a tiny folding knife with a good, stainless steel blade and a deep pocket clip. The knife is affordable too, making this EDC combo a lightweight and reasonably priced set.

They move up in size and price range. The second combo they have is a SCCY CPX-2, a 9mm automatic that is like a big brother to the Ruger LCP. It’s an excellent option and can be bought for well south of $300. A similar gun here is the BERSA Combat Plus, same price point and size. The flashlight here is a Nitecore MT06 that takes three AAA batteries, is slim and penlight style kind of flashlight, costing just around $32. Another option is the Olight S2, big version of the first flashlight. The knife to accompany the gun and light is a Kershaw Cryo Blackwash with a distressed finish. It’s an assisted open folding knife with a stainless steel handle and blade. Another knife would be a classic Spyderco Delica, a lightweight and popular option.

The next combo they present is a small revolver – a wheelgun – that represents a classic carry gun. These are easy to shoot and have a fair amount of power. They paired it with a classic wood and steel knife, the Benchmade North Fork that has a satin finish and a great access lock system. The flashlight they put in this EDC combo is a Surefire EB1, a very American flashlight that has a two-stage switch for minimum and maximum outputs that makes it easy to use.

The fourth is an all-business category, with a Smith & Wesson Shield pistol that has a performance center. The gun is a good concealed carry weapon, nice and compact and can be bought for a reasonable price. The flashlight that accompanies the gun is an Olight M1X, one of the more popular tactical lights. It’s a bit larger than the smaller lights but provides a very good beam and can be cycled through different light outputs, and has a memory mode. It’s a good self-defense flashlight. The knife in this set is a Kershaw Link, which costs around $60. It’s all-American and is also an assisted-opening folding knife.

The fifth EDC combo has a larger gun, with an Arsenal Strike One that is a full-sized handgun for those who want to pack more punch and are more comfortable with larger weapons. The flashlight that accompanies it is a Klarus XT11s, a larger flashlight that is a popular tactical light among customers. It has a dual rear switch that always gives the maximum output then cycles through the other cycles. The knife in the kit is a Zero Tolerance 804CF that is a big hunker of a knife but is lightweight because of its titanium and carbon steel make.

There’s a wildcard set that’s a throwback category, comprised of a Walther P1 that is a rare model. The flashlight that accompanies it is a classic Surefire Defender and the knife here is also a classic, a Leatherman multi-tool – these items have been with Eric and Chad for a long time and have proven their worth in quality.

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