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The Truth About Survival Gear

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The author of this video discusses and expands on survival gear and offers some useful tips when it comes to picking out, living with and actually using these items.

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He notes that since the uptick in survival and outdoor activities, there has been a massive influx of gear fitting the markets, from flints to tents to carabiners. While having many good choices to pick from is a good thing, especially for those who have a bit more knowledge regarding what they need, it can be rather overwhelming to pick from all of these brands and products. It can make it difficult for people to decide what they want and sometimes, can just become a confusing mess of which is better than what.

The efficacy predictors of survival gear rely on three things: technological sophistication of gear (versatility, ruggedness, etc.), familiarity with gear and skill dexterity level. Having too much gear with you when you’re out in the wilderness can actually be counter-productive, as it will result in indecisiveness and might hinder your capabilities to survive more than help them.

He mentions a Native American story where a man paddling to an island breaks his oar. When he gets to the island, he spots a tree and makes an oar. Before he’s through, he sees another tree that looks like it would make a better oar and though he has to get back and he already has the other tree, he decides to make a second oar. Then he sees another tree, and so forth and so on, until he accomplishes nothing and dies from exhaustion.

The moral of the story is that sometimes, less is more. There is a place for simplicity while embracing technology. Pick the most high quality item your budget can afford, stick with that and master it. You only have two hands, ten fingers and one brain, so having three knives along won’t really be as helpful as you think. Instead, focus on the essentials, and think of everything else as trappings that you shouldn’t bring unless the situation specifically calls for it. This way, you won’t only be saving time and money, you’re actually helping yourself survive in the long run.

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