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US Marine shows how to survive in an urban environment

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Rudy Reyes, a recon US Marine demonstrates the skills needed to stay alive after Armageddon inside a city environment. Reyes, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and was once captured by enemy forces, trained to survive in extreme conditions.

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In the video, Reyes shows how to survive in an urban environment in case of a total collapse of civilization and used examples of past disasters as illustrations.

The first thing to do is to head out to the nearest city to locate resources necessary for survival. Move quickly in the open, stick to less travelled routes like rail lines and stay belowground as much as possible. Modes of transportation will be limited, and structures like bridges will be closed, highways jammed. To cross short distances, Reyes demonstrated how to use rope and an old tire iron to make a grappling hook. He tied butterfly knots in the rope for footholds and handholds, tied the tire iron to one end then looked for an anchor. He then secured the line then made his way up using the knots.

The next thing is to find shelter, especially as night falls. Get into buildings, but always be wary and do a sweep of places you visit for the first time. Second floors are good, as they are high enough to hear someone coming and low enough to jump from. He also used steel wool and rubbed a battery on it to start a fire, then covered the fire with damp cardboard to decrease smoke.

He demonstrated how to climb down elevator cables and said that in these cases, people should always have emergency exit routes. Find houses that are intact, preferably locked, and look for signs of movement inside. Basements are a great way to scavenge as that’s where most families store their supplies. Look for anything you can use, and check for water and canned goods. Make sure the canned goods are still viable and don’t have dents or air pockets.

Check the garage for tools. Look for a library as they are sources of information that don’t need power, like phones or radios. Most libraries don’t get attacked and you can find maps or plans you can use. When staying out of sight, sewers are great, and if you have the plans, all the better.

Hospitals become the focus for intense hostility in survival situations. Look for the backup generator and check if it works. If not. You can siphon off fuel from underground tanks in gas stations, using a hose. The fuel powers the generator, and you’ll have electricity.

Make contact with others, because otherwise, survival is pointless. Use short-wave radios, which are commonly found in taxicabs, and go to higher locations to make it work better. When you’ve made contact with someone, find a car to use. If it runs out of fuel, you can actually make biodiesel from grease trap oils from restaurants.

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