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Top 5 Videos For The Week Ending 07-02-2016

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Here are the 5 most popular videos on TacticalClips.com for the period June 26th 2015 – July 2nd 2016. If one of these were your favorite video this week let us know in the comments below!

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1. The Ghost Gunner: The User-Friendly Gadget That Makes Untraceable AR-15s

Cody Wilson’s non-profit  firm Defense Distributed Organization has upped the ante with a machine that lets almost anyone manufacture an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.  All the user needs is some basic tech skills.  The Machine is called the Ghost Gunner, so named because the weapons created with it have no serial numbers…

Here are the other 4 videos that round out the top 5 for last week:

2. New Zenith MKE Z5P 9mm

The world of civilian semiautomatic guns has broadened even more with the arrival of the new Zenith MKE Z5P 9mm. Also known as MPE from Turkey, this company has been making firearms for over 500 years now.

3. New Technology: Russian Military Rifles to challenge US Military & NATO Power

The video discusses the new armaments that Russia is bringing in to possibly replace Mikhail Kalashnikov’s masterpiece: the AK-74. This has been the Russian and Soviet militaries’ principal and individual weapons for nearly seven decades.

4. A Navy SEAL on real martial arts

Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, who is an expert in Brazilian Jujitsu, discusses the best self-defense methods and elaborates on what traditional martial arts can teach you.

5. Will Super Glue Disable a Hi Point Combat Pistol?

Glock 40 handguns are extremely reliable, powerful weapons, especially when in excellent condition. But what happens when they are subjected to extreme misuse? Will they still fire and perform accordingly? This video shows an experiment where various kinds of glue are used to bond the slide to the barrel then fired to see if the gun can still shoot properly.

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