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Top 5 Videos For The Week Ending 07-30-2016

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Here are the 5 most popular videos on TacticalClips.com for the period July 10th 2016 – July 16th 2016. If one of these were your favorite video this week let us know in the comments below!

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1. Citizen With Concealed Weapons Permit Shoots and Kills Attacker

The video shows live footage from an attack that occurred inside a Waffle House in Fort Myers, Florida.  Two men, including one Jehrardd Williams, are sitting at the bar, eating and minding their own business. Suddenly, two men wearing black shirts enter the diner, and cross to the far end…….

Here are the other 4 videos that round out the top 5 for last week:

2. Top 10 Modern Assault Rifles 2016

These are the top 10 modern assault rifles in the world as of 2016, according to VSB Military….

3. Why the Special Forces Train in Filipino Martial Arts

This video has hit the top 5 lists a few times in the past…

4. 7 Secret Super Weapons That Actually Exist

I think the title says it all!

5. How It’s Made: The M249 SAW From Billet to Bullet

The video is a quick look at what goes into building world-class weapons, giving viewers a look inside FNA in Columbia, SC – one of the biggest makers of military arms. It shows how the company makes the M249 SAW, from billet to bullet.

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