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Top 5 Videos For The Week Ending 07-16-2016

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Here are the 5 most popular videos on TacticalClips.com for the period July 10th 2016 – July 16th 2016. If one of these were your favorite video this week let us know in the comments below!

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1. Inmates Break out of cell to help Officer Suffering Heart Attack

This video shows inmates at Parker County Jail in saving a Corrections Officer’s life after he suddenly had a heart-attack. Eight prisoners busted out of their holding cell to help the officer even though that could have proved dangerous for them…

Here are the other 4 videos that round out the top 5 for last week:

2. US Military Turns Up The Heat on China with more US Navy Ships

A news video from January that is still proving popular.  It covers The USS John C. Stennis, carrying a strike group, that sailed to contested waters in the South China sea…

3. Mugger Wants Valuables, Gets Shot Instead

Mugger walks up to a “pedestrian” at an ATM and demanded money and jewelry.  The mugger ultimately ended up dead with 4 shots …

4. Chinese bank robber uses axe to break bullet proof glass

How long do you think it takes a determined robber with an axe to break through bulletproof glass?

5. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap Put To The Test

The makers of the bulletproof baseball cap have made a video to answer the most pressing questions they have gotten from interested customers (and perhaps a few naysayers).

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