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How to make weapons using trash! – (Pepper Spray, Bolas, Bow)

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How to make weapons using trash! – (Pepper Spray, Bolas, Bow) – Joerg or the man who keeps up the Slingshot Channel on YouTube has put out yet another instructional video of weapons produced using ordinary things. This time he is demonstrating to you proper methodologies to weaponize your own trash. Reacting to a test from COLORS magazine, Joerg jumps into things rescued from waste. He made a beeline for his neighborhood woods to scavenge for the waste, which might appear like abnormal area, yet he appears to have found a floor brush handle, feline nourishment jars, a couple of pants, garments line, pulverized red stew, an aroma bottle, batteries, a garments pin and a couple of “entirely perfect” and “smart” elastic gloves. Watch him turn them in scary weapons!

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