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Streetsweeper Shotgun – (Thankfully) Forgotten Weapon

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Streetsweeper Shotgun – (Thankfully) Forgotten Weapon – Known as the Streetsweeper, Bulldog or its official name Armsel Striker this is a 12-gauge shotgun with a spinning chamber that was intended for uproar control and battle. The weapon’s activity is like that of a gun, utilizing a turning magazine. Since the Striker utilizes a customary twofold activity just trigger and a vast and overwhelming barrel , it included a pre-wound precision spring to spin the magazine which demonstrated to make stacking the weapon moderate. The configuration was changed into having a positioning lever on the right half of the barrel. Although it looks badass it was hailed as one of the worst shotguns ever made because of its bad mechanisms and now thankfully has been put to the graveyard.

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