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Syrian Rebel Takes a Bullet Then gets Shot by a Tank

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Syrian Rebel Takes a Bullet Then gets Shot by a Tank — Things couldn’t go any worse for a member of the Free Syrian Army who first takes a bullet in the knee then gets shot by a tank. The rebel was too exposed to the enemy, and took the bullet. Then when others were trying to evacuate him, he got shot again, this time by a tank round. Here’s a rough translation of the dialog that occurred:
S1: Be careful, Mohammad. Hurry, hurry!
S2: Why doesn’t Ali hit them with the mortar?
S1: He hit him, he hit him!
Soldier near cameraman: Call an ambulance!
S2: Mohammad, Medic! Medic!
S1: Let’s go, let’s go take him to the car, take him.
Soldier near cameraman: I just heard the sound of a tank.
S2 Please, Mohammad, be careful, be careful! [BOOM]

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