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Assault Breacher Vehicle (Deadliest Tech)

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Heavy artillery blends with vehicular mobility in this video from the American Heroes Channel. This exposé on the Assault Breacher Vehicle is a portion of their “deadliest tech” segment. You’ll soon understand the importance of this vehicle when you see it in action.

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The Assault Breacher Vehicle is one part tank and one part bulldozer, and jam-packed with thousands of pounds of explosives. The Assault Breacher is one of the military’s best defenses against large projectiles from opposing forces. It is designed to infiltrate minefields and IEDs for the purpose of subduing enemy insurgents.

In Afghanistan, the Assault Breacher Vehicle is used by the United States Marine Corps to test desert lands and ensure the safety of soldiers deployed on future patrols.  Instead of having to locate and deactivate enemy mines, the ABV can simply roll through and detonate them without causing any damage to itself or the soldiers operating it.

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