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The Best Bus Driver in the World

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This video clip is a death-defying stunt showcasing a driver’s skill in extreme road conditions, which supposedly happened in Switzerland, at night. There is a double-decker bus trying to maneuver on a narrow road that can barely fit two vehicles – the length of the bus is actually wider than the road. A police car is on standby, watching as the bus driver attempts to make a U-turn on the road, which appears to be on a mountain or cliff side, as on one side of the road, there is a sheer drop to a raging river.

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The driver reverses and goes forward, the wheels dangerously close to the edge. At one point, one of the rear wheels rolls off the side of the road to hang in the air for a few seconds before the driver brings the bus back in. On closer inspection, the road is actually a bridge spanning a river, but without rails.

The bus reverses again, this time with its two rear wheels hanging off the side of the road. The bus is now perpendicular to the road, and the wheel barely fit on the concrete. The driver keeps maneuvering back and forth, dangerously close to tipping the bus at one point.

After a few minutes, the driver manages to do the seemingly impossible and makes the 360-degree turn successfully. The audience, who appear to be part of a talk show, let out visible sighs of relief as the bus speeds forward, safely. The video is captioned “Best Bus Driver in the World” as a commendation of the driver’s skill and precision.

Some viewers have pointed out that the whole video appears to be animated, or some sort of CGI due to the look and feel of the footage, while others have rushed to the driver’s defense, providing his name and the place where the stunt took place.


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