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Crawling Inside The Largest Gun I’ve Ever Seen…..

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Matt and Rob visit an actual warship, the USS Texas, sponsored by World of Warships. They go on board excitedly, and immediately start playing with the giant guns, pointing out features on the deck such as the 120-pound chain links. They move on to the quad guns, guns to take out other ships and guns to take out aircraft.

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They have a friend showing them more guns that are on the ship, like a Winchester 1911 where the whole barrel has to be pushed down to cock it, one of the original hundred Colt 1911 guns that were donated to the US Navy, M1 Garand, and more on a tour. They’re also taken down to the belly of the ship through some hatches, and Matt explains just how big some of the guns on the ship are by showing photos and a map.

The tour guide talks them through their location, and how operations went — where projectiles go, where the shells drop, and so on. The shells weigh around one ton and fire as far as 12 miles. They crawl into tight spaces, up and down ladders, through narrow rooms, examine the huge guns and their equally gigantic parts, like a monster breech lock.

Back home, Matt and Rob have decided to build warships out of some boxes, spray foam and plenty of duct tape. They begin building, and come up with rather unconventional cardboard warships. And since there was no way to source those giant WWII guns on the warship, they got the closest weapons they could: the M1 Garand and a Karabiner 98k. Matt says he’s never shot a Garand before, so he gets to do that now.

Rob takes his cardboard “warship” out on the water, where it does float without him on it, but he steps on it anyway and fires the Kar98 from it, hitting steel targets they set up in the woods. Matt takes his cardboard box out, and keeps falling into the water when he tries to get in it. They load the M1, Matt finally manages to balance in the box and fires the gun. It’s a hilarious experiment.

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