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GoPro A-10 Cockpit

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The video shows footage from inside the cockpit of an A-10 Warthog during Hawgsmoke 2016, using a Go-Pro camera.

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The footage, which is incredibly stable – no jerky or shaky movements – shows the pilot as he takes off, the tail of the plane clearly visible. The camera is hooked onto the front, facing the pilot. Behind him, the blue sky and the landscape can be seen in stark clarity. He gestures to a passing companion, and a second plane is shown flying behind him briefly. The plane goes higher, and the horizon is shown – the curve of the planet, as he flies higher. The pilot does a few twists and turns in the air, and the sun is seen behind him, as the horizon tilts vertically and horizontally as he makes the twists, before coming back down to land.

The Go-Pro footage is amazing, making the whole video look like some sort of simulated 3D video game instead of an actual flight taking place, and viewers are treated to what it feels like flying one of those fighter planes. It’s easy to imagine one’s self being in the pilot’s position, the way he shot it, and with the landscape and the sky shown changing around him.

The footage was shot at Hawgsmoke 2016, a biannual gunnery, bombing and missile competition among A-10 units, demonstrating the world’s premiere Air to Ground platform. The event is hosted by winners of the previous competition, and is an intense contest, as well as an opportunity to share in the camaraderie of the world’s best Close Air Support fighters.

The event can trace its heritage to the Gunsmoke event, a former USAF air-to-ground gunnery and bombing contest held at Nellis Air Force Base. The last Gunsmoke was held in 1995, and Hawgsmoke took its place in 2000. This year’s Hawgsmoke was held in Tucson, Arizona.


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