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The Humvee Replacement….SHOT Show 2018

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In this DemolitionRanch video, Matt gave us a little tour of the 2018 SHOT Show. For those who don’t know, the SHOT Show is an annual event where manufacturers in the firearms industry meet with retailers and distributors, and many new guns and other gear are introduced. There’s also a pre-show range viewing called Industry Day at the Range, which is a smaller event than the SHOT Show. Only a few members of the media are invited to this.

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SHOT Show was pioneered by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the event. Over 60,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors were in attendance. Matt walked around a bit and a few guns caught his eye, but his most interesting find was not a gun, but an armored truck. To be specific, it’s the Lenco BearCat X3 ‘FireCat’ — the vehicle he thought could replace his Humvee.

The X3 FireCat is a rapid response armored vehicle with a self-contained water deployment capability. It has an onboard water tank and roof-mounted nozzle that are fully-protected, allowing the truck to tackle civil disturbances, as well as put out small structure or car fires before they can result in large scale property damage. Not just that, the X3 FireCat can also be connected directly to a main water line or pumper truck if a continuous water flow is needed.

As per the standard, it also has Lenco’s .50 CAL armor protection and rotating roof hatch, which have been proven effective during testing. The vehicle also comes with tactical breaching tools, such as the RAM Bar, Gas Injector, and 4-Way RAM Camera. And to top it off, the X3 FireCat has a pickup style APC with rear configurations for Urban Response, Elevated Tactics, Off-Road Perimeter Security, as well as Medical Evacuation, Border Surveillance, and Troop Transport.

Although the X3 FireCat was an amazing find, Matt revealed that his favorite part of the show was still the guns.

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