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Louisiana truck running from the police hit a set of spike strips going 115 MPH.

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This video shows what happens when someone tries to run from the law in a stolen vehicle – it never ends well. Sometimes, that ending is not only dramatic, but endangers others as well.

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An 18-year-old boy stole a Toyota Tacoma in Webster Parish, Louisiana, and began driving away when police caught up to it. While running at a speed of 115 miles per hour, the truck suddenly hits a set of spike strips, which caused the vehicle to barrel off the road, into a drainage ditch, fly up into the air only to land on a car parked at a restaurant.

The terrifying crash was caught on camera by someone standing just a few feet away from the path of the oncoming car, showing the Tacoma as it flies into the ditch and skids out again. The people in the immediate area can be heard making sounds of shock as they watch the truck. The accident damaged the restaurant. A woman was sitting in the car that the Tacoma landed on, but she miraculously escaped with her life, and unharmed.

Spike strips, also called traffic spikes, tire shredders, stingers, stop sticks, or one-way traffic treadles, are devices that law enforcement and military operatives use to slow down or stop the movement of vehicles. The spikes, usually long metal barbs that point upwards, puncture the tires of any vehicle passing through. The barbs may either be solid or hollow. Hollow barbs were invented to stick to the tires so that air escapes slowly, ideally reducing the risk of the driver crashing.

Such devices actually find their roots all the way back to something called the caltrop, which Darius III used against Alexander the Great in Persia as an anti-cavalry measure. Needless to say, these things were so effective that they have been retained for use until now.


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