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Low Flyovers By Fighterjet Pilots Shocks And Surprises

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This montage from funny videos shows a series of shockingly risky pilot maneuvers reminiscent of the movie “Top Gun.”  They take place all over the world, as evidenced by the different languages heard, in all manner of locations from airstrips to beaches to highways to residential areas. Most appear to be military aircraft, but a handful seems to be civilians showing off and having a good time.

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Some of the planes are seen taking off so close to the ground that they almost hit people standing on the runway. In one clip, people on a public beach are staring up at the sky when a jet buzzes by so close to the shore that it sends items like chairs, tables, tents and kites flying, as well as endangering the outraged crowd.

There are front window views from people driving on highways, only to be met by planes flying towards them, missing the top of their cars only by inches. There’s footage of soldiers in the desert or by the beach, cheering as their fighter jets zoom over their heads, close enough to kick up sand and dirt.

In another, an impressive maneuver by a pilot raises up a stream of water as the plane crosses the sea, to the delight of onlookers. Another pilot does the same trick, but pulls up in a near-vertical climb to the sky. A clip shows a plane passing by so close to the ground that it shears off the tops of trees, sending branches tumbling to the ground.

A more impressive trick shows a plane coming in to land on a carrier, but it just barely grazes the deck with its rear for a few seconds before flying up again. Another plane flies in a straight line close to the ground, while tilted at a 45-degree angle.

No one appears to have been hurt in any of the incidents.


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