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New Russian Combat Robots New Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Demonstrated for Vladimir Putin

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This video from the Military Channel features the latest Russian Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle demonstrated for Vladimir Putin. The Uran-9 Combat UGV is a tracked combat robot equipped with multiple weapon systems that is controlled remotely by military personnel using computers in a command vehicle.

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This Uran-9 Combat UGV is part of an ambitious research and development program pursued by the military and approved by the Russian Military Industrial Committee (MIC). The Russian Military Robotics Laboratory was established in 2014. It focuses on basic combat skills, including movement, navigation, and target definition that enable robots to operate with soldiers.

The laboratory works on a variety of robotic platforms, from tracked mini-robots to full-size armored personnel carriers. Other robots utilize dedicated platforms and weapon systems tailored especially for them. These robots are controlled from a protected command vehicle and can assume a variety of different combat support roles, such as mine clearing, obstacle breeching, fire support, reconnaissance, and counter IED.

Some other projects of the MIC remain theoretical at this stage. The first robotic guard units are likely to become operational in 2017-2018.

The Uran-9 Combat UGV is equipped several types of ammunition. It has a 30mm 2A72 gun (also known as the Shipunov 2A42). The Shipunov 2A42 has two rates of full automatic fire: low at 200 to 300 rounds per minutes, and high at 550 to 800 rounds per minute. According to manufacturer Tulamashzavod Joint Stock Company, the effective range of the Shipunov 2A42 when engaging ground targets such as soft-skinned targets is at 4,000 meters, while light armoured vehicles can be engaged at 1,500 meters.

The Uran-9 Combat UGV also has two strelet mounts (6 9K33 IGLA) and an elevated missile launcher (9S120 ATAKA). The ATAKA can launch a supersonic anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). A supersonic ATGM flies at an average speed of400 m/s or Mach 1.2, and has a range of between 400 and 6,000 meters.

Russia’s new combat vehicle is also equipped with a 9S120/9K33 for elevated firing positions.

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